Sunday, November 11, 2007

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee
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Two of my favorite things:
& Coffee

i also happen to like long shadows, but that comes hand in hand with mornings... so... y'know.

Another thing i like... is that "Harrah's Casino, Atlantic City" mug. which by the way goes hand and hand with grandma. Which also happens to be another favorite thing of mine. grandma i hope your reading this

Friday, November 09, 2007

Technological Dependence

Main Entry:
also de·pen·dance
15th century

1: the quality or state of being dependent; especially : the quality or state of being influenced or determined by or subject to another
2: reliance, trust
3: one that is relied on
4 a: drug addiction b: habituation 2b

Isn't it funny how quickly you can become dependent upon something and not even know it? With today's technological advances you become dependent on things and you don't even know it.

Well i was reminded this morning of my technological dependence when i was taking my ipod out of my coat pocket to select a playlist for the morning commute to the office. I managed to get my ipod caught on my jacket flap and i dropped it to the ground. When it hit, it busted open...

I was devestated... not really, but really. if you know what i mean. So I continued on my way to the car and went to plug in...


oh man, my ipod is busted i'll have to listen to a cd.


I moved my cd's to the apartment when i got the ipod hook up in the car.
i guess there's always radio. i hate morning radio.
i hate radio altogether, really... but that's a whole 'nother blog post.

So i drove with the radio on for about 5 minutes, and after not finding one suitable station to listen to, i drove in silence for 15 minutes to the office. where i am now sitting in silence posting to this blog wondering how i'm going to make it through the day without any music in my life...

and thinking...
i hope my cellphone doesn't die on me today

good luck trying to find a pay phone.


Monday, November 05, 2007


I literally stumbled upon this site using "stumbleupon"

i use it to post things i don't wanna forget or things i wanna quick access to from anywhere... links, etc...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The October Update

Me again.
But you knew that.

It's been awhile, but i've been keeping myself busy running late to work, leaving early and taking sick days to enjoy global warming. Topless driving on october 30th in NJ is such a rarity. but i'm doing it and i'm loving it. Tomorrow i'm calling out of work sick again because a) i wanna b) i can c) i'm the boss's son. what are they going to do, fire me?


i'm going to the race track with a buddy. he hates the world. i find it funny. And sometimes enlightening.

I took out my macro lens on sunday, and went to my mom's for coffee and breakfast. It turned into a day of hanging outside photographing my mom's dog with the "wrong" lens. but i got some good shots and had some good coffee. When i got home i took some pictures of water drops falling from he bathroom sink and was honestly surprised at some of the shots i got. i need to pick up my camera more often. but then again when i do that i just get frustrated with my shots. when i wait, and pick up the camera when i'm motivated good shots come more often.

Work sucks. Life doesn't. The way i've come to figure it is like this. if we didn't have to work we wouldn't enjoy our time off. y'know, how people say without pain you can't experience joy.

Topless driving through November?

Keep your fingers crossed for me and pray to your chosen deity.